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A blank canvas on Long Lane

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

One of my many guilty pleasures is visiting a hair salon, I can never get my hair as smooth as a qualified professional. So on one of my many jaunts in South London collecting free materials for my classroom I stumbled across a little sandwich board advertising the salon's services. I wandered in and discovered, even better a lay down sink similar to the kind I came across while travelling in Vietnam many years ago. The salon owner and I started chatting and once he found out that I am a creative we came to the perfect deal. He needed the blank white walls to be not so blank and I needed regular wash and blowdries - it was the perfect exchange. I had total freedom to paint what I wished, he trusted me fully and boy did I have fun with the spray paint! I used a variety of blues and blue-greens to create an underwater figure with long flowing locks. A combination of Molotow, Kobra and Montana spray paints and caps were employed to achieve different thicknesses of line and shades. It's still a work in progress and we're yet to decide on a salon name but hope to get the signage done before the weather gets too cold and wet.

#spraypainting #streetart #salonart #sea #underwater #se1hair #blue #hair #se1

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